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Halo Trainer


Home Fitness | Rehab | Pilates

Project Description:

The Halo Trainer was invented nearly three years ago by Bryce Taylor, a practicing physical therapist in Indianapolis.  While creating new and innovative back and shoulder stabilization exercises with the stability ball and BOSU, he saw that these elastic surfaces were hard to control and just weren't ergonomic.  Because of this realization, the Halo Trainer was born.  This friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar apparatus allows the exerciser to manage how much stability while using the a stability ball, BOSU, or TRX.  A huge selection of exercises have been classified into levels of difficulty to make it easy for fitness instructor and exercise enthusiast.  In fact, it has been recommended that the Halo Training System will be a really effective in a group fitness class or like a fun accessory for boot camp classes.

We built the Halotrainer website with three different market segments in mind; home fitness, rehabilitation, and Pilates 2.0.  We wanted for the intended target audience to see that the product is for them and to start down the path towards purchase with all of the content once inside their specific niche or bucket to have all content geared only towards that audience making the site more relevant to the user and removing any doubts on whether or not this product is for them by reinforcing that message with testimonials, blogs, reviews, features, benefits and promotions all directed to their respective market segment. 

This product has huge potential and we are excited to see where this wave takes us.


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