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Google Plus 1 SEO Benefits

Noah Taylor

You probably by now have heard the term "+ one" or "Google + 1" lately, this used to mean you are attending an event and have a guest that remains nameless or is unimportant.  Google is redefining the meaning of "plus one" as plus one now means this website, page, article, information is important.  It's like a recommendation or personal note from a friend that says "Hey check this out." /p>

Plus one is Google's answer to the "Like" button or Twitter's "Follow" button and it will basically count as an ‘up’ vote when somebody clicks the +1 google icon next to a search result or in GMail.  But what does the Google +1 do to SEO, and how is it advised to be used in SEO campaigns?

The one thing we do know for sure is that the results from Google +1 are being used directly in the Google search results algorithm. But how we use this information is something we are still learning.  Fortunately we can make a few simple assumptions to help use Google +1 effectively right now.

To start with, while we do not currently know what Google’s anti-spam measures are for Google +1, it is probably safe to assume they have them in place. So my first piece of advice would be Do Not Spam. Maybe +1 a few of your posts, but do not go overboard, let these build naturally. If you have a community, even a small one, you can encourage them to +1 your post.

Google released the code for Google +1 buttons on websites yesterday.  Get these installed by clicking here for the Google + 1 Code of This will allow you to garner +1 votes much more quickly. It will also make it much more likely that organic search visitors will vote up your site.

Google +1 uses a Google account, you are much more likely to get +1 votes than Stumbles, Diggs, Spinns, or any of the other multitude of bookmarking services out there. Unlike many of these cheap social bookmarking tools you are also actually getting a direct SEO benefit.

When you +1 something it will appear to your friends underneath search results, so build up those Google Contacts, it means that more people are more likely to find what you +1.  Watch this video to understand the plus one from a user perspective.

An exciting note is that the Google +1 is very likely to become a permanent addition to Google Adwords advertisements, so your friends can see which advertised sites you have liked. It means that an effective campaign promoting a site could benefit it’s Adwords campaign as well.

If you see the value of Google + 1 but don't have any idea how to execute it or where to start then give us a call at 866-589-9201 and we can either help you out or put you on the right path.  Thanks for reading now + 1 this article by clicking the icon below.

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