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Email marketing the TNTMD way


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available today, and one that your company can use to build stronger relationships with your customers. Email marketing allows you to cultivate loyalty in a customer base, providing them with a great value proposition for your products and services - increasing traffic to your website and strengthening sales potential.

Unlike most email marketing solutions that enable you to send one-off email newsletters to your customer base, this solution allows you to do much more simply because of the overall product offering. The possibilities are greater and can have a significant impact on your bottom-line. Right now one-off email newsletters campaigns would make up the bulk of your email marketing activities. Ongoing loyalty-based campaigns are another form of email marketing ignored by most players. These types of campaigns will not only compliment one-off email broadcasts but put a very different slant on how you can use email marketing to build relationships that translate into dollars for your business.

Here are some of the key features with our web platform that will help you outperform your competitors:

  • An easy-to-use wizard for creating email marketing campaigns
  • 100's of templates to use for creating stunning email newsletters
  • Extensive reporting to measure effectiveness, including open rate, links clicked and bounced emails
  • Ability to customize your newsletter subscription forms
  • Better spam prevention and control
  • Choice of both one-off campaigns and ongoing loyalty-based campaigns
  • Ability to include and subscribe customers to affiliate programs within campaigns
  • Double opt-in mechanism for customer subscriptions
Campaigns vs. Lists

Before you embark upon email marketing it's important to understand some of the terminology used in this area. A List is simply any group of your customers that you want to send an email newsletter to. A Campaign on the other hand is an email newsletter which has been scheduled or has already been sent to this List of recipients. Every time you undertake a campaign you can use any list which signifies the recipients who will receive your email newsletter campaign.

Getting Started

Before you create an email marketing campaign you have to choose the type of campaign you want to send. If you are new to email marketing then more than likely you will want to send an email to a number of your customers and measure its effectiveness. When we talk about "measuring effectiveness" we are referring to how successful your newsletter was as far as how many recipients received and read it. Every time you send out an email newsletter, the system will automatically measure who opened your email, which links within the email they selected and how many recipients unsubscribed from your newsletter. There are also many other useful reports that will help you measure the success of your campaigns.

There are 3 main parts to every email newsletter campaign:

  • Choosing the type of campaign
  • Writing the content of your newsletter
  • Choosing the recipients of your newsletter
One-off vs. loyalty-based campaigns

One-off campaigns are the most popular forms of email marketing. A one-off campaign is an email newsletter that is sent to a group of your customers at some date in the future. For example you might write a newsletter called "April Newsletter" and send it to your customer database. This is a one-off newsletter. Of course you may continue on and send another newsletter in May called "May Newsletter" but again, this is a one-off newsletter.

If you are new to email marketing then you should start with a one-off campaign, then when you are ready you should also explore loyalty-based campaigns.

Understanding Loyalty-based campaigns

Loyalty-based campaigns automate communication to a group of your customers on a one-by-one basis. There are many types of loyalty-based campaigns.

To give you a better understanding here is an example of a birthday loyalty campaign. Imagine you are a restaurant, a hairdresser, a massage parlor or any other type of business which regularly deals with customers.

If you are in a position to collect your customer's date of birth or even just their day and month of birth, then you can setup birthday loyalty-based campaigns that automate communication to your customers on a one-by-one basis.

Once you create one of these campaigns and choose the list of recipients, as each customer's birthday month is reached a customized email is sent to that recipient alone. For example you can send an email wishing them happy birthday and include a sweetener such as a 20% discount or a 2-for-1 voucher if they purchased with you in the month of their birthday. This process continues around the clock and for every single customer in your recipients list. You needn't remember when customer birthdays are but you can rest assured that you are wishing them happy birthday and keeping them up to date with your latest products and offers.

Sending a one-off campaign

Creating a one-off campaign is a simple and quick process. You need to have covered off 3 essential items.

1.The date to send the campaign  2.The content of your campaign  3.The recipients of your campaign.

Here's the complete range of loyalty-based campaigns that you can setup through our email marketing service.

  • Birthday
  • Campaign Join
  • Anniversary 1 e.g. next car service
  • Anniversary 2 e.g. next dentist appointment
  • Anniversary 3 e.g. next haircut invitation
  • Anniversary 4 e.g. next restaurant invitation
  • Anniversary 5 e.g. next holiday purchase invitation


Birthday Campaigns

Are used as in the example earlier use them to get maximum value out a simple happy birthday message and drive them back to your business.

Email Series

Imagine if you write a newsletter which has 8-issues. In a one-off campaign you would have to set the date at which each issue is sent out to a list of recipients. One-off campaigns are great until you acquire a new customer that joins when you are already up to issue 7 that customer has missed out on issues 1-6!

Email Series campaigns allow you to automate the sending of newsletters to recipients as and when they are subscribed to a list.

For example if you setup a campaign of this type with 0 day, 7 day and 14 day delivery days then when person 1 joins, they will receive issue one straight away. Issue 2 will be sent 7 days after they subscribe and issue 3 will be sent 14 days after this person first subscribed. But when person 2 comes along a month later and subscribes to a list via your website they will receive the same issues at the same intervals relative to their subscription date. This process is repeated for every person that subscribes to the list attached to these campaigns.


The system allows for 5 anniversary based campaigns. These are all of the same type but you can use each anniversary date for a different purpose. You can set up to 5 anniversary dates for each customer. To do so view a customer's record in "Customers" section and click on the "Anniversary" tab.

Here are some examples on how you can use anniversary based campaigns within your business.

  • A travel agent could update the Anniversary 1 date with a date 12 months from the date of a customers travel package purchase. Now you would setup a campaign of Anniversary 1 type which sends a reminder to your customer that it's been 12-months since their last travels and that its time for another holiday!
  • As a mechanic you could service a customers car and then tell the customer that their next service is due in 6-months. You update the customer's record and enter a date 6-months from now for Anniversary 2. Your campaign will automatically notify any customer when their next car service becomes due.

Every business can and should take advantage of anniversary based campaigns. These types of campaigns can save you a significant amount of time while still delivering significant benefits and driving repeat business for your business.

Setting up Loyalty-based campaigns

Loyalty-based campaigns are created just like one-off campaigns - with one major exception. When you create a one-off campaign you designate the date at which it's sent out to your recipients. With loyalty-based campaign you don't set a date for delivery as each loyalty-based campaign is sent to customers based on some date relevant to that customer.

You therefore set Delivery Days. For example a Delivery Day of 0 for birthday campaigns means when a customer birthday is reached, on the day of the birthday your campaign will be sent to them.

For a birthday campaign you may want to set a Delivery Day of -30 which means 30-days before a customer's birthday your communication is sent out. You may also want to have another campaign with a Delivery Day of 0 which wishes a customer happy birthday on the day of their birthday.

A positive Delivery Day such as 5 means your campaign is sent out 5 days after the relevant date.

Lets examine how Delivery Days work with Anniversary-based campaigns. Imagine you update the Anniversary 1 date for a customer for 12-months from now. When you setup a campaign of this type with a Delivery Day of 0, when this future date for this customer is reached your campaign is sent to this customer. However if you had set the Delivery Day to 5, then the customer would have only received your campaign 5 days after this future date was reached.

For Campaign Join campaigns, you would create a series of newsletters by creating follow ups to the first email. This is done by right-clicking on the campaign you wish to copy, then changing the Delivery Day (and other details) accordingly. A typical campaign join series might go out at Delivery Days 0, 7, 14, 21, 28 and so on.

To complete the creation of your loyalty-based campaigns you need to finalize your content and choose the recipients.

As you can see our web platform makes the email marketing process very simple effective and might I say fun?

If however, you just want to leave it to the professionals then we would be happy to discuss a marketing and execution strategy.  You can reach TNT Marketing and Design at 866-589-9201.

Our next blog is going to be discussing HTML vs. Plain Text and SPAM Issues to avoid…stay tuned!

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