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Small Business Marketing Blog

This blog is for small businesses with big dreams! We will be discussing all facets of internet marketing/content development. Inbound marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), user experience optimization (UXO), search engine optimization (SEO) search engine marketing (SEM/PPC) advertising, and reputation management. We will also cover social media and several aspects of graphic design and web design. From front end design to back end coding we got you covered. All of the building blocks needed for a strong foundation to grow your business online and thrive! Subscribe to our small business internet marketing blog.RSS

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Would a more sociable website bring you more customers?

Tori Salazar

Would a more sociable website draw more attention to customers and consumers? More

Facebook Like Button


April 21 2011, celebrated Facebook's first birthday of the like button. There are about 3.5 million websites using Facebook's like button and other applications.  More

What Exactly Is Web Hosting Anyway?


If you have a website you are aware of the term “web hosting” but what does that mean exactly to you and your business? We constantly meet people who aren't even aware who hosts their website or what their hosting platform is doing for them, more importantly, NOT doing for their business. More

Monitor Your Advertising Results With Call Tracking

Noah Taylor

In 2010, due to the economy, more businesses were smarter about where they were spending their marketing dollars. To assist in this, more and more companies have turned to using call tracking. More

Not All Hosting is Created Equal

Noah Taylor

It's no secret that in today's fast-paced world people are constantly looking for the next generation of tools and services that will take their business to the next level. As technology advances so should your business and that's why it's vital to have a well-built, easy to use website that will not only engage your customers but keep them coming back. So the obvious question is “how do I get a killer website that will accomplish these goals?” More

Google Plus 1 SEO Benefits

Noah Taylor

HTML vs. Plain Text email


When you create an email campaign you can choose to send it in either HTML or Text format.  HTML emails are aesthetically much more pleasing. They are easier to read and can include images. They have a higher impact and can be much more effective in delivering your messages to your customers. Only HTML emails can be reported on. Statistics such as who opened your email and which links they clicked on only pertain to HTML email campaigns. These statistics are not available if you send your email in Text format. Keep in mind unsubscribe and bounced reporting is available for both HTML and Text emails. More

Email marketing the TNTMD way


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available today, and one that your company can use to build stronger relationships with your customers. Email marketing allows you to cultivate loyalty in a customer base, providing them with a great value proposition for your products and services - increasing traffic to your website and strengthening sales potential. More

Tips to Writing a Successful Email Newsletter

Newsletter Writing Guidelines More

Welcome to our Marketing Blog!

Tori Salazar

This is our first blog post on our web design and web development site.  We also have a traditional media website. More