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Not All Hosting is Created Equal!

Would a more sociable website draw more attention to customers and consumers

Dorian Broussard

Would a more sociable website draw more attention to customers and consumers? The plug-ins are embeddable social features that can be integrated in your site with a line of HTML. Because they are hosted by Facebook, the plugins are personalized for all users who are currently logged into Facebook, even if they are visiting your site for the first time. The most important Social Plugin is the Like Button, (Facebook) which enables users to share your page with their friends with one click. You can add a Like button to any page with an iframe tag: Once you have included the Like Button into your site, you can use other Social Plugins to turn those user interactions into more engaging experiences throughout your site. You can use the Activity Feed Plugin to show users a stream of the recent likes and comments from their friends on your site. You can use the Recommendations Plugin to show personalized page recommendations to your users based on the likes and comments across your entire site. Facebook dropped the news about their “Open Graph” or new Facebook Platform that brings content into Facebook – and of course expands Facebook’s web reach out to a more granular level. Since the announcement, there have been two questions asked quite frequently:

1.  Should I put this on my website?

2.  How do I put this on my website?

1: unless you have content that isn’t interesting, isn’t social in nature or you having privacy concerns, adding this is new functionality to your original content is recommended.

However, it isn’t recommended to go buck wild putting this functionality on every page, just your content that would interesting people. Should it be on your Contact Us Page? No. Should it be on your weekly unique and creative blog posts? Yes.

The answer to question 2 isn’t quite cut and dry, so this post will serve as an à la carte menu on the various different ways to implement the Facebook “Like” code onto your individual pages/posts.