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Facebook Like Button

April 21 2011, celebrated Facebooks’ first birthday of the like button. There are about 3.5 million websites using Facebooks’ like button and other applications. An average of 10,000 websites a day in the past year have reaped the benefits of Facebook and there tools. More than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites through the like button or other social equipment. The Facebook like button doesn’t promise to lead more sale transaction or bring in more revenue. If the like button is everywhere then a like may actually yield very little impact on a buying decision. Therefore, people are not really influenced by some by someone else clicking the Facebook like button.

It’s argued that people who arrive on the website of retailers and media sites from Facebook are more deeply engaged than those who arrived to the website through other sources. When someone on Facebook clicks the like button to your page, it is shown in their new feeds. Their friends can see the pages that they like and proceed to “like” you as well. Therefore, your customer base is growing with just a click once you have installed and display the like button on your site, visitors can automatically click it and Facebook automatically updates their Facebook profile, and they begin to follow you without even having to waste time logging in to find you.